Atrion Darnay (atrion) wrote in gotroot,
Atrion Darnay

... I got a questioin that is sorta connected to my last one.
... I downloaded and installed VNC and when it is running it has an icon in the system manager.
... My question is, is there a program (or anything) that I can use that will hide the VNC icon in the system taskbar (or any programs for that matter)

... Also I was wondering if anyone know were I could get (preferale for free but will pay or otherwise) a program that I seen tody. There was a handcap man I seen oday in a wheel chair and he had a laptop. He could not speek but he could type and he would type in what he wanted to say, and your classic computer (steven Hawkings) voice said what he typed, I was wondering were I could get such a program.

.. any and all help would be loved.
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