Atrion Darnay (atrion) wrote in gotroot,
Atrion Darnay

... I have a question. Here at home There are three of us, and we all have computers. These three computers are Networked through a router and connected to the internet through a cable modem. Two of the computers are running win95 and the other win98.
... I was wondering if there was a program out there that I could install on one of the computers and have it be able to show me what is on the screens of the other two computers. Also if the program was able to take remote controll over the Pc that would be great.
... See my two roomates are rather computer illiterate and something like this would help alot.
.. All I need is the name of the prog. If there are any free one cool, if not I am willing to shell out cash, or find it by other means...
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