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Anyone still around this community?

I have recently acquired many notebooks with the same make and model. I have also in my possession many notebook hard drives of the same make/model. I would like to install Windows XP and various other programs onto one notebook, ghost the hd when I have everything the way I want and all the programs I want, and restore the ghost images to the other systems.

However, I'd like this to be as easy as possible. Specifically I'd like to just initialize the image restore and then come back in a couple hours to a fully-functional system. There are a couple issues with this (maybe more, I'm not sure yet :P).

First is re-establishing the MBR of the newly recovered system. Second is activating the newly created partition with the OS. Both of these tasks are easily done with something like fdisk, but this requires that I have a separate boot disk, and I have to push extra buttons to get my system running. I know this seems like a trivial task, but I'm just wondering if I can streamline ghost to restore the images, re-establish the MBR, and activate the partition all in one go. A fool-proof system clone, if you will.

I've discovered that Norton Ghost comes with an fdisk-like program called gdisk, which can re-establish the MBR and activate partitions in a single command. However the issue is automating the execution of such commands after the image restorations. I plan to burn all the images to a dual-layer DVD, so I won't have to come back every 30 minutes or so to switch disks.

Anyone have any ideas? Sorry this post was so redundant, I'm trying to be as descriptive and specific as possible to avoid confusion.
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Ghost does exactly what you want, down to DVD images. Have you tried it?
I tried restoring the images to a new hd, but it wouldn't boot. I had to go in with fdisk (with a Win98 boot floppy) and activate the partition for it to boot.
I know we use it at work all the time to deploy win2k and xp systems out of the box, doing precisely like you're doing to dell laptops using DVD images. I'm not certain how, since I'm a unix admin, and deal in kickstart images, I just know that once they shipped me a DVD to run on someone's computer, and I inserted it, I think I had to tell it it was okay to overwrite the hard disk, and poof, it was all good a little later.
I think what you're doing is just restoring an image to an already activated partition. The hd's I have haven't been touched at all before.

This is just my guess, though.
wait, I _do_ know from when we were testing it all with unix where we decided to use kickstart servers rather than ghost, there was an option to image a partition, or image a disk, and you have to use the disk option, which images the partition table.
Ok here was my solution if anyone finds it helpful later.

The trick of it all was editing the autoexec.bat file to look like this:

rem Load CD Driver and label it C:\
LH MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:C
rem Restore Ghost images and exit to DOS.
C:\ghost @gswitch.txt
rem Set first partition active.
C:\gdisk 1 /ACT /P:1 /y
rem Must eject CD/DVD or system will continue to boot from CD/DVD.
echo Eject CD/DVD and reboot.

gswitch.txt looks like this:




November 29 2007, 19:54:38 UTC 9 years ago

isnt it supposed to be mode=pload (or mode=prestore for ghost 8 and above)? im having problems with our way, if you can give me any ideas itd be most helpful.

@echo off
SET TZ=GHO+05:00
LH \MSCDEX.EXE /D:cd1 /D:cd2 /D:cd3
echo Loading...
if %config% == FROMFLPY goto FLPYBOOT


cd c:\ghost
echo ===================================================
echo Company Name
echo .-//////:-`
echo :++ss+:------:/os++/.
echo /+s/--` `.---.-. .-:oo+.
echo `+s/-` .----. `.---- .-oo:
echo +s/. `--` NMd//s-.` --- `:+s-
echo .s+- `:- `+- NMd/:+hsss.``:- `/o+
echo -y/` -- `oNMm. .:+MMm+:` ./oss- `:` :+s
echo .y/` :. -mMN/ -smMNmMMNmMMd+` :oys` /` :+o
echo y/. -. -NMd``yMNy: NMd `/dMN+ `sso` / /s-
echo .s/ / mMN``dMm. NMd .ddNMMo `oho `: `/y
echo +/: .- :MMo oMM:.....MMm.-ssssss` /ss` / /h
echo o/- :` +MM/ yMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM/ -sy- / /y`
echo +/: .- :MMo `.--.....NMm.....sMM. /yh. / /h
echo .s/ / mMN` yMm- NMd +MMo .so+ `: `/y
echo y/. -- -NMd.`sMMy:` NMd .+dMN/ `+yy` / /s-
echo `y/` :. .mMN+`.smMMmMMNNMMd+``-ys+` /` :+o
echo .y/` -: `oNMNs- `:/MMm/-` .sss/ `: :+s
echo .s+- `:- `+hMMNdyoMMd -: `:- `/o+
echo +s/. `--. `:oyhmmNh --. `:os.
echo `+o/-` `----.` `.---. .:oo:
echo :+s+--` `.--.-.` .-:oo+.
echo -++os+/:-----:/os++/`
echo .-://///:.`
echo ===================================================
echo LOADING............................................
echo ===================================================
ghost.exe -clone,mode=prestore,src=c:\ghost\IMAGE.GHO:1,dst=1:1
goto END

echo Unknown boot menu selection
goto END


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