Atrion Darnay (atrion) wrote in gotroot,
Atrion Darnay

... I have a problem. I would like to set up one of my home computers as a server but I have been running into a bit of teouble, so I figured here would be one of the best places to get help.
... Here is the setup I have at home:
... ... There a three computers (Two windows 95 machines and a windows 98 machine), All three machines are networked together through a router, and I have a cable modem connected to the router as well.
... ... The router is a "Netopia R9100 v4.6", and out internet service is provided by Island Tell (local business). Change ISP or getting another router is not an option.

... I downloaded and set up a utility call BFTP Server, and it runns fine (I also tries Analog X Simple Server) but for the ip it gives the internal address ( instead of an address someone outside of my network can access.
... How do I go about setting things up so that I can have a server on one of my windows 95 machines (THe server is only for personal use)
... I know computers themselves but I know dick all about Routers other than basics, any and all help would be loved.
... Thanks a bunch.
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