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direct tv

Wow ok long time since I've posted here although i was a member back when noprofile started this, btw nice to have you back man. Anyway...

I moved into a new apartment and part of the complex is direct TV in every apartment, all you gotta do is call Direct TV and have em activate your account. Obviously I haven't done that yet. So i got 3 direct TV boxes and 3 P4 Access Cards. As of now I don't think there is a hack to get this to work, I did some looking around on the web and all I find are some site claiming to have a fix but charging a ridiculous amount of money for it, pisses me off to see that. I did read a little tidbit somewhere about hooking your dtv box up to a linux machine and then running the P4 card in emulation, but don't know if that actually works or not. I would be interested in investing time and money into getting the hardware to do read/writing of these cards if anybody is willing to work with me on this.

I have no plans to try to market this to people and make money off of it. I am purely interested in this because I am a big fan of hacking electronics and never really done much with Direct TV. If you ever done this type of thing before or wanna work with me on this my email is

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