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OK, i'm using a program called "Aim Robber," and I don't know what to do. The readme tells me to upload two included files to a web server that supports PHP. One of the files is called "logger.php" and one is called "log.html." It then says "After you upload the two files, you will need to CHMODE 'log.html' to 7777."

I just put the two files on a Geocities site, will that work?

Also, what is CHMODE?
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why are you using this, may i ask?

from what i can tell, you're just trying to get other people's aim passwords...
Pretty much. I'm tryin it on myself and a couple of friends, but they said I could; the program requires that they run an .exe I send them.

Deleted comment

is that bad?
Geocities=no php support. So don't bother.

If you don't know what chmode (or chmod) is, you probably shouldn't be playing around with bad things like that~

::hands you a sticker that brightly proclaims "script kiddy" in pink and yellow flowers::
ok. well at least now i know my limits as of yet.

::firmly attaches sticker to forehead::
Wow, heh, I was expecting somewhat of a unkind response to that =^.^=;; but ok. In that case, I'd suggest going to google and searching for: 'chmod "what is"' (note: chmod, not chmode. It's the same thing, but more people use chmod, as that's the unix term/command, and thus, probably more popular.)

Then take the harder step and search for either: A) a free webhost that supports php. or B) figure out how to install apache + php modules/apache support on your own computer and use that to test out that php scripts.

Once you have the script running, play around with it until you can get it to blow up the world, k? :D Good luck, have fun, and keep backup copies. Especially ones of the world, 'cause we don't have an undo button just yet.
well I understand being called a script kiddie is not a good thing.. but you gotta start somewhere, right?
Very true. Although I have an unfounded belief that most script kiddies don't get too far, which could be both a good and a bad thing... But that might just be my impression from reading assorted texts. A fledging sysadmin/webadmin/(l)unix user would be the (my) prefer starting point for people. :D Or even a DOS user.

Just don't write anything that sends out (or could be abused to send out) spam. If you do, I may have to hunt you down and roast you over a burning PC.

Yeah, I ought to stop babbling before this thread get's much longer. This community is usually quiet, and I've always been a lurker until now. Will shut up and go back to lurking. Adiu.
Written in Visual Basic?!!

It looks like the person who wrote it was a script kiddie. When I try to use it, I can't even enter stuff in. It is just an image.

You should use something like AIMSNIFF, or one of the more advanced password recovery tools. But if you really want to lower the Script Kiddie factor, you should write it yourself (in C, VB is slow and n00bish).
is C++ ok?